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Black Boba Tea

What Makes Us Unique?

Your New Wellness Ritual

At Latea Bubble Tea, we have one goal in mind—crafting the perfect recipes that will boost your wellness and elevate your nutrition in the best way possible. With our fresh flavors and natural ingredients, all that’s left to do is choose the daily blend that will turn your day around and get you the glow you deserve. Meet your daily ritual—stay fresh, stay hydrated.

Top Picks

Wellness Is Our Passion

Caramelized Boba Milk Tea

Indulge in the exquisite world of Caramelized Boba Milk Tea, where sophistication meets sweetness in every sip. Our carefully selected tea leaves are artfully blended with the irresistible allure of caramel, creating a symphony of flavors that dance on your taste buds. Each pearl of boba is a delightful surprise, adding a chewy, playful twist to this classic favorite. From the first sip to the very last, you'll be transported to a realm of pure satisfaction. Experience the magic of Caramelized Boba Milk Tea, where every cup tells a story of flavor and joy.

Lemon Ceylon Black Tea

Embrace the sunny brightness of our Lemon Ceylon Black Tea. Handpicked Ceylon tea leaves, renowned for their robust character, are elevated with the zesty infusion of lemon. The result is a harmonious blend that strikes a perfect balance between the bold, full-bodied nature of black tea and the invigorating citrus notes of lemon. Each sip is a journey of revitalization, offering a natural energy boost and a refreshing burst of flavor. Whether you enjoy it hot or iced, our Lemon Ceylon Black Tea promises an uplifting and tangy experience that will awaken your senses and brighten your day. Explore the world of tea with this delightful and invigorating choice.

Original Matcha Latte

Step into the world of timeless tradition and rejuvenation with our Original Matcha Latte. Crafted from the finest shade-grown Japanese matcha, this extraordinary blend encapsulates centuries of tea mastery. The vibrant green hue and rich, earthy taste of matcha, combined with the creamy smoothness of latte, make it a match made in tea heaven.

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